Laboratory Crew

Professor Dujing Hu Professor Dujing HU  Tel : 0731-4617018
Dujing Hu: Professor of plant physiology, famous plant physiologist and plant nutritionist. He was approved directly by the former National Education Committee of China as the instructor for Ph.D. students early in 1986. Because of his scientific achievements and his devotion to the local community, he was also selected the member of the standing committee of the Hunan Provincial Political Council from 1988 to 1993 and awarded the "HAU Faculty Star" by Hunan Agricultural University in 1998.
Professor Keqin Peng Tel: 0731-4618055 Email: Prof. Peng
Keqin Peng: Ph.D., Vice president of Hunan Agricultural University, Professor of plant physiology. He completed his early research in ion uptake kinetics at University of California at Davis, USA and research in molecular biology at University of Guelph, Canada. He is now conducting research focused on stress physiology and mineral nutrition in the laboratory as well as being in charge of HAU teaching related administrative affairs.

Professor Langtao Xiao Tel: 0731-4617018   Email:

Prof. Xiao
Langtao Xiao: Ph.D., Professor of plant physiology, director of the laboratory. As a postdoc at University of California at Riverside from 1995 to 1998, he successfully conducted research in  the metabolism of endogenous plant hormones in avocado and citrus. His work in designing nutrient solution formula for special crops was highly appraised as valuable for the plant production in the closed life support systems. He is now conducting research regarding  phytohormonal metabolism and computer simulated growth models and other phytohormonal and mineral nutritional problems.
Professors Emeritus
Prof. Zhenqiu WU, Professor of plant physiology Prof. Renrui Dong, Professor of plant physiology
Prof. Fuzeng Sun, Professor of plant physiology
Other Researchers in the Lab Visiting Scientists
Associate Professor Huiqun Wang Associate Professor Yusheng Zheng
Assistant Professor Wanhuang Lin Professor Yahui Hong
Assistant Professor Jiajin Hu
Assistant Professor Wei Xia
Staff Research Associate Zhiyong Sun
Lab Assistant Yilan Qiu
Graduate Students under  Ph. D.  programs Graduate Students under Master's Programs
Xiaohong Zhong Zhihong Peng
Jiajin Hu Sun Wu
Rouzhong Wang Shaoxian Wang
Ke Yi(a joint Ph. D. Program with Professor Xiangyang Lu)
Changzheng He
Fengchun Kuang
Huayin Liu
Wei Xia
Xudong Lu

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