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Hunan Provincial Key Laboratory of Phytohormones,  HAU Campus, Changsha,  410128, P.R. CHINA
Phone: (731)-4617018,  Fax: (731)-4612870,  Email:,   World Wide Web:

Welecome to Hunan Provincial Key Laboratory of Phytohormones!
New Books

1. Brassinosteroids: steroidal plant hormones/ A. Sakurai, T. Yokota, S.D. Clouse, (eds.). Tokyo; New York: Springer, 1999.

2. Biochemistry and molecular biology of plant hormones/ P.J.J.
Hooykaas, M.A. Hall, K.R. Libbenga. 1st ed. Amsterdam; New York:
Elsevier, 1999.

3. Brassinosteroids: a new class of plant hormones/ V.A. Khripach, V.N.
Zhabinskii, A.E. de Groot. San Diego: Academic Press, 1999.

4. Phytohormones in soils: microbial production and function/ W.T.
Frankenberger, Jr., Muhammad Arshad. New York: M. Dekker, 1995.

5. Plant hormones: physiology, biochemistry, and molecular biology/ edited
by Peter J. Davies. 2nd ed. Dordrecht; Boston: Kluwer Academic, 1995.

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